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Saoud Financial

We’re committed to helping you work toward achieving the retirement you want. We do this by providing guidance to help you develop an overall retirement income strategy and offering a variety of insurance products to help achieve the objectives of that strategy.

The team at Saoud Financial is here to help ensure you receive all the assistance you need, not only in developing your retirement income strategy but in maintaining it throughout your retirement.

William Saoud, President, CEO & Insurance Professional

Bill has dedicated his life to serving others; as a veteran of the financial services industry, Bill pulls from more than three decades’ worth of experience to help his clients create and preserve retirement income.

Bill has been in the insurance business since 1982. Today, he is a registered member of the National Ethics Association and his company, Saoud Financial, operates offices in Shelby, Michigan and in Tampa, Florida. Bill’s book, “Carpe Freedom: Plan Your Financial Future While Living Richly Today,” can be found on Amazon.

Raised in Detroit in the 1960's, Bill and his wife, Pat, together have four children -- and are now happy to spend time with their three grandchildren, as well.

The National Ethics Association (NEA) is a paid membership organization. All NEA Background-Checked members have successfully passed the annual seven-year background checks for criminal, civil, and business violations in order to meet the membership standards. However, the association provides no guaranteed assurance or warranty of the character or competence of its members. Always make financial decisions on the basis of your own due diligence.

Aaron W. Saoud, Attorney and Wealth Advisor

Aaron’s deep understanding of the financial services industry allows him to help his clients navigate their financial goals with confidence.

Aaron started out his career doing corporate litigation throughout Florida, mainly out of Miami and Tampa, on behalf of some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

After leaving the world of "big law" in 2015, with a substantial knowledge on the inner workings of these companies, he transitioned to assisting families with estate planning, investing, and wealth management.

Aaron spends his time helping families with estate planning, financial planning, and investing for long-term dreams. He takes great pride in the work he does for his clients. He has a passion for helping others and discussing financial topics at speaking engagements throughout the area. His 1st book, “Carpe Freedom: Plan Your Financial Future While Living Richly Today,” culminates his knowledge into an accessible and understandable format from which all can enjoy and learn.

Aaron was born in Michigan, and earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan, and then continued on to earn his law degree in St. Petersburg, Florida, at Stetson College of Law in 2011. He is a licensed attorney and financial advisor.

Aaron is a big fan of art and travel and can frequently be found looking for the next chance to explore somewhere new.

Janice Elsey, Insurance Agent, Michigan

Janice Elsey is an insurance agent and primarily works in Client Services. She has an extensive background in insurance and customer service for over 39 years. Janice began her career by working with auto injury claimants with AAA Michigan and Bristol West for 36 years, and this experience made her sensitive to ensuring clients and customers feel they are getting the attention needed for the services they deserve. Janice joined the team in 2015, and felt it was easy to join the company because her compassion about helping people make good decisions is integral to her ethics, just as it is to Bill and Aaron.


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